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Power in the face of floods

    It was the sudden billowing tide, from company technology researchers found that water flowing into the door, immediately conveying information in the group. Company's top management to immediately to the first line, and the water from 10 cm to 20 to 30 cm to 60 cm, the company emergency response teams all members of the investment in disaster relief team.In order to retain the main raw material, packing material warehouse, plug the six warehouse door, poor relief, everyone a brainwave, in the gypsum material as sandbags, shipped to the warehouse at the door, block every gap, although surges, but more to our team, everybody is divided into several groups, gypsum, water gate pile of plaster, a line of water, a set of players, drench the rain on the head, had streamed down the knee of sewage, a race against time to rescue. At noon, all the women in the company, out of their home, do the abundance of Chinese food, although at that time the water has been on the thighs, although all wet, although it is standing! In the water, but a meal is delicious, the food is very sweet. Continue to shift duty water, until the tide goes out that night half past ten. The next day, the company management led the staff to clean up, finishing material. And even the cooperation of outsourcing staff at ordinary times, have special intimate, beaded with high flow, also to trim all sorts of equipment in our company. Despite all the bubble water machines having a fever and a cold all being moody, but no relationship, we have a professional teacher, patient management. All the difficulties will pass, we supplies ourselves well, clean up, all the flood flooded, to protect the sample room, all the discarded materials, never discard messed up at the door. Before a catastrophe, we have tolerated and firm, will lose to a minimum, will restore the fastest production, that is our bo Ye, bring great light.




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